Kelowna Parking Enforcement

Unauthorized vehicles parking on your private property can be troublesome and frustrating to deal with. Dakota Towing works with property owns and local authorities to remove vehicles parking without permission on private property. Whether it is a vehicle parked in an unauthorized place on your property, or one that has been abandoned, the experienced staff at Dakota Towing will be there to promptly remove it from your property.

Long Term Parking Enforcement

At Dakota Towing, we provide long term parking enforcement to make regular patrols of your property and remove unauthorized vehicles. This particularly beneficial if you are often discovering unauthorized vehicles in your private parking area or anywhere else on your property. We make regular patrols of the properties on our route and if we discover any unauthorized vehicles, they will be removed immediately. This service will help save you time and energy because you will not need to call a towing service every time you discover a vehicle on your property, as well as discourage future unauthorized parking because of the frequent towing.

Can you provide 24 hour enforcement?

We have a 24 hour patrol route, but we cannot guarantee that someone will be watching your property at all times. However, if during our patrol we see an unauthorized vehicle, we will remove it no matter the time of day.

Is there a minimum size of the site you will patrol?

No, there is no minimum size of a site we patrol. Your property will be added to our patrol route, no matter the size.

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